A Kidnapped Mind

A mother's heartbreaking story of
parental alienation syndrome

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A must read for allwho has had to deal with PAS

"If you, or someone you know, has had to deal with the nightmare of Parental Alienation, then this book is a must read. It eloquently and heart breakingly tells the story of how the legal system doesn’t benefit anyone who follows the rules and guidelines. It also accurately describes the emotional rollercoaster of disbelief followed by incredible joy only to be replaced by a shattered heart that an alienated parent experiences as they watch their adored and loved child(ren) fall prey to the hands of someone who hates their ex-wife more than he loves his child(ren). I cried as I read my own story in Ms. Richardson’s words and only pray that my own children do not share the same fate as her innocent son."

Margarethe S. SmithSouthern California

A must read for all thosewho deal with children

"This book is a must read for all those who deal with children, too many to begin listing. I stood by helplessly while my ex-husband lied and manipulated my two daughters into thinking that I had abandoned them [...] This book shows how the justice system overlooks the helpless, innocent child. My heart cracked a little more each time Pamela was given a small victory only to have it so cruelly snatched back. PAS is so alive and so well and growing like a disease all around us [...] It took a lot of courage for Pamela Richardson to write this book and I applaud her. As parents, we need to make sure that all of our struggles are not in vain."

Donna M. TheriotSouth Louisiana

A must read for anyonegoing through a divorce

"This book is a must read for anyone going through a divorce. It chronicles one mother’s efforts to stop her ex-husband from alienating her son from her and his ultimate death through suicide. She does everything she thinks is the right thing to do, but ultimately it did not work, and gives her painful hindsight advice to all parents who are going through something like this. Parental Alienation Syndrome is real, this book proves it, maybe someday the courts will notice it."

Stephanie WatsonAlabama

It should be required readingfor any parent considering divorce

“Pamela’s case is definitely an example of the worst case scenario of what can happen when a parent manipulates the mind of a child and the judicial system enables this manipulation to continue unrestricted. Written from what had to be dozens of journals and tape recordings, it was so well written that I felt I was re-living her life. I believe it should be required reading for any parent considering divorce because it highlights the monumental impact words have on a developing mind. It should also be required reading for family law attorneys and therapists. My heart goes out to Pamela and her family.”

Coach MomNew Jersey

Clearly shows the extreme frustrationalienated parents deal with

“Thanks to Pamela for sharing her very sad and gut-wrenching story about her and her son Dash. Pamela’s experience clearly shows the extreme frustration alienated parents deal with when trying to convince judges, lawyers and health professionals that their children are the victims of parental alienation. You won’t be able to put this book down… be prepared to cry lots.”

Loving DadCanada